Recommended Age: 2+
Duration: 45 minutes -1 hr.
Maximum: 35 students

The Chanukah traditions appeal to all ages and this workshop offers an exciting learning experience for the holiday.

The presentation begins with the hands-on component: The thrill of pressing olives using JCrafts’ antique century-old press and then separating the oil from the juice using a hand-driven centrifuge.

With real-deal props, this hands-on workshop takes participants back in time as they join the group of Maccabees refining the olive oil needed for the Temple Menorah. Your students will discover the ancient art of olive pressing much the same way as it was done during the time of the Chanukah story.

For students in grades 2 and up, there is an optional prerecorded comical play, based on the story of Chanukah, which your students, dressed as Maccabees and Greeks, act out spontaneously! Costumes and the text of the script are provided by JCrafts.

The program then taps into the minds-on aspect by focusing on the key role olives and olive presses have played both agriculturally and economically for many, many centuries in ancient Israel in time bygone.

Of all the “teachable moments” when a child attends JCrafts’ popular Chanukah Olive Press Workshop, one message in particular sticks out: An olive only gives its oil when it is crushed.

Coping, resilience and standing strong in the face of challenges or when under pressure is the core message of the Olive Press experience. It is the unique fusion of the experiential factor along with the cognitive aspect that resonates with children, teens, and adults, and encourages them to indeed incorporate these traits into their daily lives.

We can’t promise the oil will last for eight days, but the memories are sure to last a lifetime!

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